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Happy Birthday poem to my wife

Happy Birthday Poem – You’re 52

Happy Birthday Poem – You’re 52

Happy Birthday my love, today you’re 52
You’re age has grown, but so’s my love for you
We’ve been married now, for almost 23 years
So many happy times, and a few mixed with tears.

We’ve seen it all, since the day we first met
Infatuation grew to love, to days we’re upset
Most important by far, is how we stayed together
Vows held steadfast, during good & bad weather.

We used our God-given talents, to the best of our ability
Raised four kids together, and tried to teach’em responsibility
Their years growing up, they may not found us so grand
But after our grandchildren, I think they totally understand.

We were young and naive, just trying to make ends meet
When I first met you, planning your meals was a feat
Living life on the edge, every payday already spent
Thank God the kids were fed, with money left for rent.

Over the years, quality of life slowly improved
A promotion or two, plenty of money for food
A military family, with no predestined journey
Kansas and Georgia, and many years in Germany.

Life was good, and we had plenty of enjoyment
But you still had it hard, because of all my deployment
From Bosnia to Iraq, and many months in training
More time away than home, must have been straining.

You learned to become strong, and very self-sufficient
Raising children on your own, you had to be efficient
Everyone relied on you, and you did it all
From cleaning and cooking, to driving to play ball.

We all love and thank you, have a debt of gratitude
Amazed by your servitude, and positive attitude
The people we’ve become, is mostly because of you
Because of the love you gave, and everything you do.

Life has slowed a lot, decided to retire in Kentucky
To grow old with you, I am so incredibly lucky
Our bodies are changing, and we don’t look the same
But you’ll always be, my number one dame.

It’s just you and me now, alone in this big house
And I’m still happy and proud, to call you my spouse
Where the future takes us, I don’t have a clue
All I know is, I want it to be with you!

Happy Birthday Honey – You’re only 52

by James Apple Jr.

Happy Birthday poem to my wife

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Christ back into Christmas - retrieved from: http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u196/hannahmrinalini/candyReaonJesusBrd.gif

3 Steps to Putting Christ Back Into Christmas

All the running around, planning, gift buying, traveling, and other craziness during the Christmas season makes it very hard to slow down and remember that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus. Most people’s busy lifestyles don’t allow them to spend a lot of time focusing on this. But, I don’t think one has to spent a lot of time in order to put Christ back into Christmas.

Here are 3 Steps to putting Christ back into Christmas
1.  Honor Christ through service/commitment

I believe the first and most important way to put Christ back into Christmas is to find your ministry and serve Christ. This is something that all Christians should do year round, but the Christmas Advent season is a great time to make a commitment and start going back to Church or to serve in other ways.

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2.  On Christmas Day and/or Christmas Eve do this:

Sing Happy Birthday – We sing the happy birthday song to almost everyone else on their birthdays, why not for Jesus? You may even want to decorate the Christmas dinner cake or dessert in His honor.

Write a Thank You Note – Take just a few minutes and sit down with your children and have them write a list of why they are thankful Jesus was born. Then, share your lists with each other and use them when time to pray for dinner.

Read Matthew 5, 6, & 7 – Take a few minutes and read what is commonly called the “Christian Faith’s Magna Charta” which celebrates Jesus’ birth and what he taught in life. This will help you and your family focus on Jesus’ message of love, compassion, and service.

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3.  Do this Every Day:

Talk with Jesus – Talking with Jesus doesn’t mean you have to be kneeling next to your bed or bowing at a table. Talking with Jesus is something that we can do all the time. However, during the Christmas season, we should spend a little more time talking to Him and remembering his birth and sacrifice.

Pray for Someone Else – Again, something that Christians should do year-round, but during Christmas it is especially important. Identify someone who really needs prayer and call upon Jesus to heal them physically, mentally, economically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Be a witness – The best way we can put Christ back into Christmas is through sharing the good news of the Savior. If there is any time during the year to be a good witness for Christ, it is during Christmas!

Christ back into Christmas - retrieved from: http://www.turnbacktogod.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Witness-For-Christ.png

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Please join the Good Fight for the Faith by sharing this message with others.

by James Apple Jr.